Appreciation Of Creative Santos De Cartier Replica Watches

Unlike other strong pilots watches, perfect Santos de Cartier fake watches are more gentle, which will also be suitable for women. Today I will introduce several special models during the development history of Cartier.

The hour markers and shape of the case are quite different from other models of Santos.

Brown Leather Strap Copy Cartier

The first one was the gold case copy Cartier launched in 2005. The case had been turned 90 degrees horizontally. Meanwhile, the hour markers are quite different from other models. You will also find the symbolic screws have been removed too. It is just like a boxy old TV, clean and concise.

With the skeleton dial, this Santos has been added with the futuristic style.

White Gold Case Santos De Cartier Knockoff Watch

The second one was a skeleton dial Cartier that released in 2011. With the white gold case, the automatic movement imitation watch has been endowed with the brand new style. All the Roman numerals hour markers have been fused into the skeleton dial exquisitely.