Classic Cartier Tank Replica Watches With Noble Royal Family

The simple and graceful Cartier Tank copy watches had been favored by the members of the royal family including king Edward VIII of England, king Albert I of Belgium, queen of Greece and king of Morocco once they were launched. Later, the Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy chose the Cartier Tank too.

The Cartier Tank was given by Jackie's husband as a gift.

Silver Dial Fake Cartier Tank Watch

Nowadays, the Cartier Tank has still gained more and more loyal fans in the royal family including Michelle Obama, Queen Maxima, Mary and so on. The Tank watches have interpreted their personalities and presented the confidence and charm of contemporary women. In 1963, President Kennedy gave his wife a Cartier Tank and “To Jackie, Love Jack” had been engraved on the caseback. This Cartier copy watch with gold case could be considered as the witness of the love between Kennedy and Jackie.

The simple Tank makes Michelle very confident and independent.

Steel Bracelet Cartier Tank Knockoff Watch

Michelle Obama also chose Cartier Tank to enhance her charm and reliability when attending the activities. The model she wore was with the steel bracelet, making her much more confident and diplomatic.