Clubbing Back To The ’80s With The Two-Tone Pasha De Cartier 41mm Watch

The best 1:1 fake Pasha de Cartier is a bit of a mystery. Is the original Pasha the water-resistant watch Cartier made for the Pasha of Marrakesh who commissioned it in 1943? Or is it the Pasha former Cartier CEO Alain Dominique Perrin commissioned Gérald Genta to design in 1985? Since the first watch is nowhere to be found (and it was a one-off), I would say that the original Pasha is the watch that debuted in the mid-eighties. And we can now go clubbing back to the ’80s with the two-tone 41 mm Pasha de Cartier copy watch, the latest incarnation of a creation that ruled the night(clubs) three decades ago.

The late ’80s and early ’90s were times when carefree optimism, bold exuberance, and lavish expressions of life, style, and taste ruled. It was the days of the famous “House Temples” of Amsterdam such as RoXY, Mazzo, and iT. And when I think of those colorful places, wildly extravagant scene, and its resplendent audience, I think of the watch that fits perfectly: the sumptuous Pasha de Cartier fake with blue hands.
I was into Breitling Navitimers and Rolex Explorers in those days, but I had friends who had quite an opposite taste, both in music, lifestyle, and watches. They were very much into the Santos and went bonkers when the Swiss made copy Pasha de Cartier was introduced — that watch defined the hedonistic approach to life in all of its glorious details. Last year Cartier introduced a revamped, updated take on the Pasha theme, and this year the collection expands further. The steel and gold automatic model Pasha de Cartier W2PA0009 is the one we partied with at Fratello HQ. And, I must admit, it did bring back some hazy memories.
The word “pasha” provokes visions of abundance, wealth, luxury, coolness, and carefree living. It is a brilliant name for a watch that debuted in times when the world was partying like there was no tomorrow. The aaa quality clone Pasha de Cartier had the panache, elan, and style to match the era. On the wrist it was the ultimate expression of a life lived in the fast lane. Pasha’s classy looks attracted the young, chic, and fashionable crowd. It was also sophisticated and original. Genta took a screw-down dust cover from WWI trench watches and by doing that he created one of the most recognizable contemporary watches.
The crown doesn’t get all the credit for making the Pasha de Cartier such an eye-catching and distinctive design. The way the bracelet/strap is attached to the case also plays a big part in that. But credit where credit’s due, it wasn’t Genta who came up with this design, it was conceived and patented by Louis Cartier in 1934. He designed the Vendôme-style bars with rounded pyramid shapes at both ends. They may look like little pyramids, but they’re actually large, single Clous de Paris.
New for the latest generation Pasha is Cartier’s QuickSwitch strap/bracelet changing system that works by simply pressing a button on the backside of the lugs to remove the bracelet/strap with a simple click. The steel/yellow gold Pasha de Cartier copy for men comes with both a bracelet and a navy blue alligator leather strap with specific end-links. To make life even easier, the bracelet also has a length adjustment system. Cartier named it the SmartLink system and by pushing a button you release the fixing bar thus allowing the removal of excessive bracelet links. The idea behind this? You can now buy a watch with a bracelet (online) and make it fit your wrist yourself. No need to go to visit your local Cartier dealer. Is that a good thing? Well, for the online shopper it makes life just a bit easier, that’s undeniably true.
What it reveals is a tiny crown with a tiny cabochon — perfectly proportioned and a very nice touch. Luckily it has a sculpted surface, so it’s not that hard to operate.